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Ok so to blog or not to blog? Well I have no choice actually…It’s part of my new media course at Rhodes University. My topic is future watch and the blog title is Futureye. Initially I wanted to go with ifuture but it was taken so I’ll just stick with this one.

Ok enough of the nervous chit chat… I’m getting ready to post my first expert post, it’s not as easy as Jude says it is and I’m still not sure what to write about exactly, oh Jude is my lecturer just in case you wondering.  But I have a lot of plans for this blogs and I hope I get time to implement them all.

 For the next two terms we, the new media class, need to produce a posts that show a great deal of reading and they’ll be marked by an external examiner. No pressure (I’m so nervous) hey… Well I hope my post due tomorrow comes out as a thoroughly thought through post-cross fingers everybody.

Oh before I go I thought I should share this quote with you guys by Alexander Clark: “Let us watch well our beginnings, and results will manage themselves”. I think it’s self explanatory… cheers for now.