About Futureye’s author

Who’s in the driving seat?

Futureye’s leading lady is Kgaugelo Motlafi; she’s an upcoming multimedia journalist/producer and new media strategist. She’s currently studying a Bachelor of Journalism and Media Studies specialising in New Media at Rhodes University in South Africa.

Kgaugelo tutors second year radio students and mentors first year extended studies students. She highly believes in development and wants to see future journalists drawn towards development journalism.

After completing her degree her future plans are to work in the new media industry for few years, start a black female online company and hopefully own a multimedia empire before the age of 35. On the other side she’d like build a shelter for abused women in Benoni – Joburg SA.

It may seem a tad bit ambitious for a 22 year old but that’s the kind of person Kgaugelo is, however most of her inspiration comes from her new media role models Vincent Maher, Grehor Rohrig, Matthew Buckland and Carly Ritz.

These are the people whom she looks up to and hopes that through Futureye she’ll find her way and feet around the new media industry and be the new media strategist she dreams of becoming.

…now about this blog?

Futureye’s aim is to have a critical eye to future innovations online and offline. Futureye will review the use and impact of current and future ICTs now and on generations to come especially but not exclusively in relation to the use and creation of ‘new media’.

Futureye will discuss everything from Apple, to cellphones, to social networking etc just to offer a different perspective on recent trends and innovations circulating worldwide and critically analyse them. Futureye won’t so much pose as a critic but just as a voice that articulates things from a different point of view.

Everyone who lands on Futureye’s blog is encouraged to challenge or suggest others ways of seeing things. Hope we’ll have interesting critical debates. Here we go!

  1. futureye says:

    I have come to the end of my degree and I have learnt a great deal from this blog, especially research for topics such as augmented reality, mixed reality, future of television education and development in ICT field.

    I would’ve loved to write more about other new media related issues but infortuante;y time has come for me to leave Rhodes. Perhaps in the future I’ll write more. Cheers for now.

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